Isaiah 2:7 Misplaced Faith

Their land has also been filled with silver and gold and there is no end to their treasures; their land has also been filled with horses and there is no end to their chariots.

Silver and gold: Nation Israel is doing exactly what God told them not to do. Deuteronomy 17:17b instructs nor shall he greatly increase silver and gold for himself. The context of these directions (Deuteronomy) is for the leadership of Israel. The result is noted in Isaiah 2:7, Israel has accumulated massive amounts of material wealth. In Isaiah’s time, Israel is ridiculously wealthy. They have placed their security in material wealth.

Horses and chariots: Nation Israel is doing exactly what God told them not to do. Deuteronomy 17:16a instructs “Moreover, he shall not multiply horses for himself, nor shall he cause the people to return to Egypt to multiply horses, since the LORD has said to you… The result is a strong military. Chariots were the ultimate demonstration of military power in Isaiah’s time. In our world vernacular, they had the nuclear weapon of the day. In Exodus 14, one can see the fear and respect chariots commanded in the exodus out of Egypt. Specifically in Exodus 14:10, Israel was terrified. Fast forward to Isaiah 2:7, Israel has placed their security in military strength and disobeyed God.

God wants Israel and His people to place its trust and security in Him, not in wealth and military strength.

So what about our country and culture today in the 21st century? What can we learn from history? Are there parallels and comparisons to Israel 2,800 years ago? One could argue that we are in decline and past the point Israel was during Isaiah’s time. In the recent past, the United States was wealthier than it is today. Government spending has increased to the point we are over $13 trillion in debt and rising. Households in the country are burdened with more debt than ever. Prior to 1971, the dollar was tied to the gold standard. Over time, the value of our currency continues to be worth less than it was in the past.

The United States spends more money than the rest of the world when it comes to the military. Yes, our military is the best in the world. But it is spread thin from Korea and Japan in Eastern Asia to Afghanistan and Iraq in the Middle East to military bases throughout Europe.

The United States is not different in comparison to Israel. If anything, we are further along in our decline. We have placed our faith in material possessions, wealth, and military strength. History tells us this strategy did not work out well for Israel. Will we learn from history?

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