Genesis 1:16 God is Immense and Omniscient

Genesis 1:16b He made the stars also.

How big is the universe? What is the scale of the universe? Is it round or flat or some other shape? Is the universe finite or infinite? The reality of the situation is we don’t know for sure. What we think we know is what we can observe. Tom Murphy (January of 2006) does provide some points of comparison in a paper he has written. Consider these points.

1)      The moon is 1.25 light seconds from earth.

2)      The sun is about 8 light minutes from earth.

3)      Jupiter is about 40 light minutes from sun.

4)      Pluto is about 5.5 light hours from the sun.

5)      The center of the Milky Way is about 25,000 light years away.

6)      The galaxy Andromeda is about 2,000,000 light years away.

7)      The edge of the visible universe is about 13,700,000,000 light years away.

This is the universe God has created. Jeremiah 23:24 “Can a man hide himself in hiding places so I do not see him?” declares the LORD. “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the LORD. If we were capable of going to Andromeda, God is there. If we were to hide anywhere in the Milky Way, God is there. God is ridiculously immense and He is everywhere. He is omnipresent. There is no place in the universe or on Earth where God is not. It is impossible to hide from God.

2 Chronicles 2:6 “But who is able to build a house for Him, for the heavens and the highest heavens cannot contain Him? So who am I, that I should build a house for Him, except to burn incense before Him? This same concept is essentially restated in 1 Kings 8:27.

Psalm 139:7-12 Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend to heaven, You are there; if I make my bed in Sheol, behold, You are there. If I take the wings of the dawn, if I dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there Your hand will lead me, and Your right hand will lay hold of me. If I say, “Surely the darkness will overwhelm me, and the light around me will be night,” Even the darkness is not dark to You, and the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You.

Regardless of the darkness of space, God is there and He can find us.

Framework of study provided by Systematic Theology, The Doctrine of God, Chester McCalley

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