Isaiah 19:5-8 Trend Update

The waters from the sea will dry up, and the river will be parched and dry. The canals will emit a stench, the streams of Egypt will thin out and dry up; the reeds and rushes will rot away. The bulrushes by the Nile, by the edge of the Nile and all the sown fields by the Nile will become dry, be driven away, and be no more. And the fishermen will lament, and all those who cast a line into the Nile will mourn, and those who spread nets on the waters will pine away.

Please note the following news article. I offer this up as a point of consideration. I am not suggesting this is what will cause the Nile to go dry. Interesting, don’t you think???

Ethiopia to defy Egypt and build huge Nile dam

Published: 03.30.11, 19:11 / Israel News

Ethiopia on Wednesday said it planned to build a huge dam on the Nile despite a long-running row with Egypt over use of the river and concern the dispute may spark a war. The nine countries through which the river passes have for more than a decade been locked in often bitter talks to renegotiate colonial-era treaties that gave Egypt and Sudan the lion’s share of the river’s waters.

However, six of the nine upstream countries, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi, have signed a new deal stripping Egypt of its veto and agreeing to renegotiate how much water each country is entitled to. (Reuters)

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Google: Ethiopia Nile Dam

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