Genesis 1:14-15 Lights

Genesis 1:14-15 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so.

Here we go again, another day and another difference in how God created and man postulates over the creation. The Big Bang says an explosion took place approximately 15 billion years ago. Biblical genealogies back to Adam calculate the earth is less than 10,000 years old.

Science says the sun was present before the earth. God spoke the earth into existence on the first day and the sun was created on the fourth day.

Science says that the sun was present before other light on the earth. God says there was light which was created on day one other than the sun. This light separated day from night.

Science says the stars were before the earth. God says the stars were created on day four after the creation of the earth on day one.

Science says that the earth was created at the same time as the other planets. God says the earth was created first and the other planets were created later on day four. Observations and distinctions are from .

God does draw a distinction from the “light” created on day one and “lights” created on day four. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Henry Morris’ Defender Bible,

On the first day, God had said: “Let there be light” (Hebrew or). Now He says: “Let there be lights” (ma-or). Light energy was activated first, but now great masses of material (part of the “earth” elements created on the first day) were gathered together in one of the firmaments, or spaces, of the cosmos–the space beyond the waters above the space adjacent to the earth. These great bodies were set burning in complex chemical and nuclear reactions, to serve henceforth as “light-givers” for the earth.

Dr. Morris, , also has this observation regarding the “seasons”.

The establishment of “seasons” (and these were not simply religious seasons, but actual climatological seasons) indicates that the earth was formed with an axial inclination from the beginning, for this is the basic cause of its seasons.

God’s word is radically different than the opinion and imagination of man. Isaiah 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.

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