Hear This!

Book of Revelation, Christ’s comments to the churches, “He who has an ear, let him hear… “

There are two primary words that are used in the Bible for the word, hear.

The Old Testament word in the Hebrew is shama, שׁמע

Its meaning is more specific. It means to hear intelligently, discern, often with the implication of attention; to hear obediently; to hear diligently.

In the New Testament, the Greek word is akouo; to hear. This is where we get the English word “acoustics” from in the Greek.

God’s Word implores us hundreds of times TO HEAR!!!!

This is the case throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We are told to hear, take heed, give an ear, hear these words, or listen. God is desperately trying to get our attention. God speaks His will to us through His written Word.

Take some time and read the Bible. God is not a mute. Listen to what God has to say.

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