Despite a bizarre week in Israeli politics, Sunni Arab leaders are quietly reaching out to Netanyahu to discuss restarting peace talks based on the “Saudi Plan.” Meanwhile, Abbas signals he may soon step down. Who would replace him?

Looks like peace talks are trying to re emerge in the Middle East. Netanyahu appears to be willing to talk to Sunni Muslim neighbors. Palestine’s Abbas hints at retirement??? Recent history in the region says the replacement trends toward radicalism. Keep in mind,the EU,UN,USA,& Russia are looking to gather for a meeting and potentially impose Israel’s division of their land in late Mary 2016. Their appears to be the possibility of multiple peace plans on a collision course. Time will tell…

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Very few Israelis or Palestinians believe the moment is ripe to craft a comprehensive peace deal. Pessimism over the seemingly never-ending “peace process” is rampant.

That said, there continue to be curious developments here I think you should be aware of. I laid out some in my column earlier in the week. There have been more since then. Among them:

  1. Despite a bizarre and topsy-turvy week in Israeli politics, there are credible reports that moderate Sunni Arab leaders are actively reaching out to Prime Minister Netanyahu with indications that they are open to making changes in the Saudi Peace Initiative to make it more palatable for Israelis.
  2. Netanyahu is signaling that he is not averse to opening new peace talks that would involve changes to the Saudi plan, so long as regional Arab leaders are the primary players in the talks, not the French.
  3. At the same time, however, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is privately indicating that…

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