When They Say Peace & Safety…

And to think the safety of the world is in the hands of these three…

Dennis Rodman ‘will be at meeting between Trump and Kim Jong un’ https://dailym.ai/2LYyVdH via http://dailym.ai/android

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  1. Craig Johnson Says:

    Paul, please be very careful in buying into the political media frenzy ! false news ? and responding to it that quickly – it can be a false trap. I heard Neil Cuvoto on Fox News today and he had a credible commentator respond – he said it’s probably a marketing ploy on behalf of Dennis Rodman’s PR group. We all know Rodman’s man romance with KimJungUn but doubt it’s a planned event between governments ?! Ok don’t think our leaders and government would allow such a circus.
    Again, be careful how you respond to such news and tying to your message ! If it’s false or a press release from NK or Rodman you’ll get sucked in to a false narrative – not good for your blog or teaching. Be careful !!!!
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    • Much appreciated! Will be careful. I unfortunately think our government does allow such circus activity to occur. My point is the discussion of peace and safety as a theme. Peace talks are every where. Trump is scheduled to release his middle east peace plan this month. Macron of France has a peace plan pending. So does Putin, so does… I see this stuff escalating

    • Thanks, much appreciated and good to hear from you.

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