Explosions and Fires Continue in Iran, July 2020

Ezekiel 38:5 Persia, Ethiopia and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet…

The country was known as Persia until the name change in the 20th century. This is modern day Iran…

Photo: Middle East Monitor

July 9, 2020: Another explosion has occurred in Iran. This time west of the capital in Tehran. Again, gas tanks were the cause. Electrical services were impacted in this part of the city.

The location is suspected to be related to missile technologies according to various outlets. That said, there is no official confirmation.

One day later, the Iranian government is denying these explosions happened.

Here is a recent time line of events in Iran courtesy of the BBC.

  • 26 June: Blast at a liquid fuel production facility for ballistic missiles in Khojir, close to Parchin, near Tehran; fire at power plant in Shiraz, causing a blackout
  • 30 June: Explosion at a medical clinic in Tehran, 19 people killed
  • 2 July: Blast and fire at Natanz nuclear site
  • 3 July: Large fire in Shiraz
  • 4 July: Explosion and fire in power plant in Ahwaz; chlorine gas leak at Karoun petrochemical plant in Mahshahr

Nobody has stepped forward to claim any responsibility…

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