Trend Update: Temple/9th of Av, July 2014

Tisha b’Av:  to the Jew, this is a date, the 9th of Av. Av is a Hebrew month. It is the 11th month of the civil calendar or the 5th month of the religious calendar. It usually occurs during July or August in the Gregorian calendar. This year, the 9th of Av begins at sunset on August 4th, 2014.  The month is not named in the Bible. has an interesting observation. It is of great interest to note that the believers who followed the Messiah never used pagan names to describe Hebrew Months. They were well taught by the Master and simply numbered the Hebrew Months as Adam and Noah did from the beginning.

The 9th of Av is a day of mourning in Israel. This came about because of the account of Numbers 13-14. This event occurred immediately after God had delivered Israel out of bondage in Egypt. The short story is the Lord told Moses to send a group of spies to go scout the Promised Land. The spies came back and proclaimed the Jews could not take the land because of the inhabitants of the land were too big and too strong. The people rebelled against Moses. The people stated they would rather go back to Egypt. The nation (except Caleb and Joshua) did not believe God to give them the Promised Land. We know it occurred during the grape harvest per the text (Numbers 13:20). This event is said to have occurred on the 9th of Av. God pronounced judgment on the nation at that time. And this date is said to be a reminder of nation Israel’s lack of faith in God.

Here is a list of Jewish history on the 9th of Av.

  1. 586 BC, the first Temple was destroyed.
  2. 70 AD, the second Temple was destroyed.
  3. 135 AD, Betar fell. It was the last fortress to hold out against the Romans during the Bar Kochba revolt.
  4. 136 AD, one year after the fall of Betar, the Temple area was plowed.
  5. 1290 AD, Jews were expelled from England.
  6. 1492 AD, King Ferdinand of Spain issued the expulsion decree, setting Tisha B’Av as the final date by which not a single Jew would be allowed to walk on Spanish soil.
  7. 1914 AD, World War I began the downward slide to the Holocaust.

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The Jewish people remember this day every year. They have traditions for the memorial.

On July 27, 2014, the Temple Institute released a video on Youtube. They believe the time is now to rebuild the third Temple. Since  July of 2012, the Temple Institute has released a video every year connecting the rebuilding of the third Temple with the 9th of Av.  In July of 2012, Rabbi Chaim Richman says the purpose of the video “is an attempt to positively refocus people’s attention during the period of the Nine Days and Tisha B’Av.” The focus is to consider what is missing without the Temple. Here is a link to the latest video.

Remember, these Jews do not believe in “that man”, Jesus. They do not read or believe the New Testament let alone the book of Revelation. This group is not affiliated with Jews for Jesus. Yet, here we area. All they had to do was believe God. All that is required of us is to believe in Jesus’ payment for our failure to meet the standard.

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