Trend Update: Burden of Damascus/Russian Embassy Takes Fire, October 2016

Isaiah 17:1 The oracle concerning Damascus. “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a fallen ruin.”

Isaiah 17:9 In that day their strong cities will be like forsaken places in the forest, or like branches which they abandoned before the sons of Israel; and the land will be a desolation. 

October 3, 2016: The United States suspended talks with Russia regarding the conflict in Syria. The US blames Russia for the increased violence and bloodshed.

“Unfortunately, Russia failed to live up to its own commitments…,” state department spokesman John Kirby. Rather, Russia and the Syrian regime have chosen to pursue a military course, this is not a decision that was taken lightly”.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “We regret this decision by Washington. Washington simply did not fulfil the key condition of the agreement to improve the humanitarian condition around Aleppo. After failing to fulfil the agreements that they themselves worked out, they are trying to shift responsibility on to someone else.”

October 4, 2016: The Russian Embassy in Damascus has come under fire and taken mortar shells. Terrorists are being blamed for the attack. The Russian ministry said the attack is the result of a U.S. policy and its allies which “provokes further bloodshed in Syria.”

There were no deaths reported in the mortar shelling. Some injuries are indicated.

Russia is calling this a terror attack. Security has been increased in the area.

The New York Times provides a timeline of recent events in the region.

October 4-7, 2016: Russia is conducting an incredible civil and military exercise. Russia is conducting an evacuation drill to prepare for a nuclear war. 40 million people are involved. 200,000+ emergency services personnel are participating. 50,000 pieces of equipment are being utilized.

Russian government officials are preparing for a nuclear war. Citizens are reported to be “terrified”. The Russians also state the United States will start the war.

The Russians state they could shelter all 12 million citizens of Moscow in bunkers in case of nuclear war.

Putin is also building a 400-square mile facility in a remote area of the Ural Mountains. He looks to manage a future conflict from this location according to sources.

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