Putin Launches “Special Military Operation”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has delivered an emergency speech to the people of Russia.

Putin has said the following:

  • Operation is aimed to protect people.
  • Ukrainian servicemen who lay down their arms will be able to return to their families.
  • Goal is to “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.”

“A couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. Russia will respond immediately and you will have consequences that you never have had before in your history.” -Russian President Vladimir Putin

Multiple sources are reporting explosions in the capital of Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Oil prices are going straight up… The price of oil has eclipsed $100 a barrel.

The price of gold is going up…

Stock markets around the world are dropping…


2 Responses to “Putin Launches “Special Military Operation””

  1. What army is Putin using ?
    Others say one thing, news say Russian military ?

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