Trend Update: Ezekiel 38-39/Magog (Russia)/Golan Heights, Passover 2016

Ezekiel 38:15-16 You will come from your place out of the uttermost parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great host, a mighty army. You will come up against my people Israel, like a cloud covering the land. In the latter days I will bring you against my land, that the nations may know me, when through you, O Gog, I vindicate my holiness before their eyes.

The uttermost parts of the north refers to Russia. Moscow is straight line due north of Jerusalem. The Bible and secular historians are in agreement that Magog appears to be modern day Russia.

Today, April 21, 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. The Prime Minister of Israel made it clear to Putin that Israel will never leave the Golan Heights. He also laid out a list of “red lines” to Russia and the world.

“We are doing everything to prevent the emergence of an additional front of terror against us at the Golan Heights,” Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I have come to Russia to step up coordination on security matters, to prevent mistakes, misunderstandings. We are not going back to the days when rockets were fired at our communities and our children from the top of the Golan… and so, with an agreement or without, the Golan Heights will remain part of [Israel’s] sovereign territory,” Benjamin Netanyahu.

The time point given is the latter days.

God is in control. He is the one bringing Gog (whoever that person may be) and the armies up against Israel. Notice, God refers to the land as “my land”. Despite what Gog or the United Nations may think, humanity is not in charge.

The purpose of the conflict is to show the world of nations who God is. God wants the world to “know” Him.

The Hebrew word for “know” is yada`. It means: to perceive, find out and discern, to discriminate, distinguish, to know by experience; to recognize, admit, acknowledge, confess; be acquainted with.

This conflict will be an attention getter for the entire planet.

Gog is being used by God. The Lord will qadash (Hebrew) Himself. Translated, it means: to show oneself sacred or majestic, to be honored, or be treated as sacred. The verb tense in the Hebrew is passive or similar to past tense in English. As far as the text is concerned, this is a done deal. From the standpoint of Ezekiel 2,700 years ago to today (April 2016), the event has already happened. It is pre written history.

If Vladimir Putin is Gog…he is about to meet his Maker. If it is time…this is going to get ugly.

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  1. Rodney Klassen Says:

    I don’t know if you caught it this last week (probably did). But SoS Kerry, I’m sure with POTUS’s blessing, stuck his tongue out at Netanyahu and said that Israel should be ready to negotiate on the Golan Heights because international law does not support or recognize Israel’s sovereignty on that strategic corner of the Land. He did this within a day of the bus bombing in Jerusalem.


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