Trend Update: Turkey Opens 2nd Front in Syria, Labor Day 2016

Over the Labor Day weekend 2016, Turkey has opened a second front in Operation Euphrates Shield. More tanks and troops have moved into al-Rai, Syria. This is about 25 miles west of the Euphrates River and Jarablus.

The goal of Operation Euphrates Shield is “to protect its borders and nationals” per Prime Minister Yildirim. Turkey is looking to defend its border from Syrian immigration, terrorism from ISIS and Kurd forces.

Kurdish forces have recently crossed west of the Euphrates River. This movement west of the Euphrates is not acceptable to Turkey. The Turks want the Kurds east of the Euphrates River.

President Erdogan states this is not a long term operation.

There are conflicting reports about United States involvement in the region. On one hand, the United States says they are concerned about Turkey’s involvement in Syria. On the other hand, they are providing air support for Turkey ground operations.

State run press of Turkey claims the border from Jarablus to Azaz has been cleared of ISIS terrorists. Turkey is looking to expand a security zone inside of Syria.

See link for multiple videos.

Of note is the proximity of this “security zone” to Dabiq, Syria. This is the heart of ISIS. Their monthly magazine is named “Dabiq”. This is the location of the ultimate battle of Islamic Sunni prophecy. This is where the infidels are taken out. ISIS believes the infidels to be “Rome” or western civilization.

For Scripture linking Meshech, Tubal, Beth Togarmah, and Gomer to modern day Turkey, see the link below.

The military buildup and creep towards to the south continues…See Ezekiel 38-39 for details.

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