Trend Update: Yehuda Glick in Protest, August 2017

Israeli Knesset Member Yehuda Glick is protesting Prime Minister Netanyahu’s policy regarding the Temple Mount. Currently Israeli lawmakers are banned from ascending the Temple Mount. Netanyahu has promised to lift the ban but has backed off his promise repeatedly. So, Glick has set up an office near the entrance of the Temple Mount.

“The Temple Mount is a place that is open free to everyone – Jews, Christians and Muslims. Only MKs are not allowed up on the mount. It is against the law – illegal and absurd.”

“Enough is enough. I am not going to go through another series of holidays not being able to go on the Temple Mount. The time has come to change this decision.” -Yehuda Glick

In 2014, Yehuda Glick took multiple gun shots from an intended assassin and survived. He is the same rabbi who was the head of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. He believes Jews should be able to pray on the Temple Mount. Previously, Glick has stated a vision of three faiths (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) sharing the Temple Mount.

See Glick’s comments in the link below from Facebook.

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