This Week in Prophecy: Russia’s Military Build to Ukraine From All Corners of the Country

Russia continues to expand its military and troop build up from all areas of the country towards Ukraine. Supplies and troops are coming by planes, trains, ships, and trucks. Russia is approaching 100 Battalion Tactical Groups in the region. Russia’s National Guard has been called up. Estimates of up to possibly 100,000 troops are in the offering.

Experts from around the world are weighing in on the amount of resources being dedicated to the region.

Russia and Belarus are carrying out military exercises in western Belarus near the Polish border.

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan has reached out to the Kurds in northern Iraq for a possible gas deal. Turkey’s currency is in the tank and inflation is gripping the country. Erdogan and the Turks are feeling the economic pressure.

Israel is looking to evacuate about 75,000 Jews from eastern Ukraine before a possible invasion.

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Ezekiel 38 says this is all because of economics. He knew about this over 2,600 years ago…

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