Trend Update: Turkey Moves Into Syria, August 2016

For Scripture linking Meshech, Tubal, Beth Togarmah, and Gomer to modern day Turkey, see the link below.

The Bible and ancient historians point to the fact the land of Magog is modern day Russia. See linked post.

The Prime Minister of Turkey made some news at a press conference over the weekend of August 21, 2016. Prime Minister Yildirim of Turkey has indicated Turkey will take a more active role in Syria in the next 6 months. He stated that current President Assad of Syria has no role in the future government. Assad’s current role is temporary.

Russia continues to gain a hold in the region. Russian ships are reported to launch cruise missiles from the Mediterranean to targets in Syria.

News reports state Russia wants to use Incirlik Air Base for air strikes on ISIS in Syria. Yildirim said Moscow did not make such a demand but said “if necessary Incirlik can be used”.

The US State Department says they are aware of these comments and seeking clarification.

Incirlik Air Base is currently home to US and NATO air support for air sorties against ISIS in Syria.

The air base is also home to a nuclear arsenal of 50-90 US nuclear weapons. Reports continue to be conflicting regarding the movement of these weapons. Some reports say the nukes remain in Turkey. Others claim they have been relocated to Romania. There appears to be confusion on the issue.

Moving the nuclear weapons to Romania would not please Moscow. It would move more weapons closer to Russia.

August 24, 2016: Turkey has launched their military into Syria. Tanks, planes, and troops are involved in the maneuver. This is the first time Turkey has introduced troops and tanks into Syria. President Erdogan states the focus of the strikes is towards Kurdish militants and ISIS. The name of the operation is Euphrates Shield. The United States is supporting the operation with special forces and air power.

ISIS has been in control of the area in Jarablus, Syria. Jarablus is on the Euphrates River. It is reported that Turkey has captured Jarablus and moved ISIS out of the town.

Syria is upset with Turkey moving into their country. Syria says it is a violation of their sovereignty. They are upset and launching a protest to the United Nations.

Kurdish forces have recently crossed west of the Euphrates. This movement west of the Euphrates is not acceptable to Turkey. The Turks want the Kurds east of the Euphrates.

ISIS is getting squeezed. All the while, more military troops and equipment move further south creeping closer to the Promised Land.

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