Proceed with Caution

1 Chronicles 12:32a And of the sons of Issachar, having understanding of the times, to know what Israel should do.

There is an ongoing Housing Correction, a Global Slowdown and Turmoil in Iran, Russia and Turkey. Understanding these dynamics will help you navigate the future and not only survive but prosper.

Michael released this video about a month ago. Since then, oil has dropped to $53 per barrel. Housing starts continue to decline. The Dow Jones Industrial Index dropped close to 800 points at its last close.

Know the times we are living. Have an understanding. Have a plan. Know what to do.

Click the video link below for Michael’s 3 minute broadcast.



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  1. Craig Johnson Says:

    please don’t get trapped in a prosperity/economy gospel ! I enjoy your in sight and biblical teachings – I always have !! But be careful were your perspective and teaching lead you !! You now have a global audience and need the basics of salvation !! Most if not all your audience reside outside the USA or developed world and will not understand and is not be relevant !?
    Maybe that’s not your audience anymore ? But that’s Gods audience ! Just saying my friend in Christ!!

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    • Craig: Good to hear from you.
      I can promise you I will continue to publish Christ centered materials and Gospel content frequently. Sadly, this is the least read information on website. You are correct for the need of basic salvation teaching.

      I can promise you this post by Michael Douville is the furthest thing from the Prosperity Gospel. Michael is a Christian Financial Planner and syndicated columnist for the Wall St. Greek. He is my financial author. His financial principles are founded in Biblical concepts. I can tell you people follow the blog based on his research and articles. This is Wall St. quality research and insights for free.

      You are correct regarding the audience growing outside the US. This post/video is a global economic call and extends beyond the borders of the United States. US audience is roughly 1/2 of all viewers to the website. The other 1/2 is international. India makes up roughly 1/2 of the international audience. Based on comments and email, the international audience appears to be paying more attention to financial matters than the US audience. Michael has been focusing on countries related to prophecy.
      Michael has been writing and calling for a global economic slow down since the past Summer 2018.
      This is all about being responsible with what we have been given and being responsible with resources. Have a plan and be prepared for a rainy day…

      I appreciate your thoughts and comments. They are always welcome. Thank you for your support and sharing with others.

      Here are some links to Michael’s content. About 1/2 of his articles are related to oversees economic activity. He has some great stuff relating to Ezekiel 38-39 with Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

      Time is winding down…
      Luke 21:28

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