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Christine McDonald, International Christian Film Festival

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I (Christine McDonald) am representing the “I Will Rise” documentary at the International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) in Orlando, Florida. I have met so many amazing people. The conference starts out with praise and worship and ends the day in praise and worship. It’s amazing! Lots and lots of pictures to come but for tonight early to bed. It’s been a long day.

I already have committed to returning next year. I cannot wait to talk more about all the people and things that go on around here. Everybody’s like family it’s just amazing. And everybody loves Jesus.

I am completely honored to have 2 nominations right out of the gate at our first festival. It is up for Best Documentary and Best Director for a Documentary. -Anita Cordell

For nearly two decades bought and sold, learn how a vulnerable youth was groomed and sold into the world of commercial sex exploitation. As the author of two books, read not only the story of exploitation but the heart wrenching choice between her own eyesight and the life of her unborn child.

International Christian Film and Music Festival, Orlando, Florida

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Christine C. McDonald

“Love your neighbor, all of ’em.” -Christine Clarity McDonald

Through The Eyes of Grace – Christine C McDonald

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